Imagine a time when Greyshore was in its bronze age. Greco-roman. Much of the pantheon at that time were many Greek gods too. This is 500 years after the ships first came across the Great Barrier Islands. Dwarves, humans, and some other races were still ‘new’ to the land. Elves, orcs, and others as well, were native. The Anatahk race were… around. The 10 towers of magic were active places of learning from the Sky Mages. And the cities in the sky floated above their great city in the middle of the swamp. There are still rumors and ruins of other races extinct, some said to be older than the elves…. and as you know… things that [redacted]

There are five main ‘human’ city states. Smaller ones dotted, like Eastwatch, e.g.

Kayan is the biggest with a population of 200k. Mixed races, still mostly human. King Darius is on the throne there, his 10 year old son, Cassius, the players have already briefly met. There aren’t as many farmlands spread throughout like there will be in the future. Very few in fact, save for the rare small town along the rough roads. The wilds are much bigger.

Travin, Davinport, and Riverton are other big city-states. Travin’s kinda like Greece’s hardass Sparta. Davinport? Over-zealously religious? Yup. Jacrin exists as a tiny town for the purpose of trade at the Tower of Time and the forests and hill there were rougher. There is a very old temple to an old god rumored to be at the southern-most tip of the continent there. Old Home on the Great Barrier Islands is still there as well, rumored to by the first ‘new’ settlement. The [redacted] are also still there.

The Hordelands? Let’s be honest, haven’t changed that much. Scrub, some forests, some river, Nightfire Mountain and rough terrain. Shieldbreak is only an outpost in the bronze day and age. The ‘nation’ of [redacted] hasn’t been established yet, but there is a settlement of humans (not enough for a city-state yet) at Hammerpeak.

Elves I really can’t say have changed much either. [Redacted]‘s Lair isn’t … known yet either.

But here’s some of the bigger changes. The forests would go on to the east for another 100 mi or so from the elven wood… and there’s savannah between there and the ‘star gate’, which is the Anatahk city of Kageta… and it’s fed from a river that comes from the elven woods through the savannah, to the coast (the city isn’t on the coast, like the star gate is close to)… because, in addition to that forest, there’s a big chunk of land from the east tip of elf turf and the east most point of the desert that connect to Stonehold. Specfically, another city-state called Torodin. The city of Anatahk is there, but smaller, more for trade between Torodin and Kayan; the [redacted] haven’t moved there yet.

And finally, the Great Barrier Islands… there’s more of them. Mostly small ones. Some bigger.

Once and Future: Bronze

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